What is Google My Business?

What is Google My Business? Google Business provides an entirely new interface that not only gives business listings a new look but also allows you to optimize them for search engines. To optimize your business listings, you need to know how to use the dashboard. If you are an online entrepreneur who wants to boost up your ranking in the search results, then you should consider creating a business listing in Google. By creating a business listing in Google you will be able to showcase your online presence. Your online presence will be enhanced as you include images, video clips and written reviews about your products and services. By participating in the Google communities you will be able to promote your website and create more opportunities for you to make more sales.

The other feature of Google+ that makes it different from the other business listing sites on the web is that it offers its users the opportunity to create a map pack. The use of a map pack will help you increase your search engine optimization or SEO scores. A high search engine score means that your website will be visible to more people, and this will result in an increase in traffic. This means that you will be able to rank highly for the keywords that you are most interested in. If you are looking to boost your local SEO strategy with Google and have not yet tried the Rank My Bizz agency service, then it is time to try it for your business growth.

Google My Business Listing Service

Google My Business is a free service offered by Google. It is not a search engine optimization (SEO) tool like Ad Words, AdSense or Content Network. Its main purpose is to display businesses that have signed up as a business blog or their official website. When a visitor searches for a business through one of these search engines they will see your business listing on the search results page. They can click on it and learn more about your company. Once a business blog or website has been set up Google My Business automatically adds it to all Google searches. This means that when someone searches for a phrase similar to what is contained in the business blog or website, Google will find it. They will also include it in Google's organic search result, where it appears alongside other companies with similar products and services.

Rank My Bizz is a Google My Business listing service provider in India and an excellent online marketing solution provider for small businesses who do not yet have a dedicated web presence. With Google My Business, you can easily establish an online presence and we help you to attract potential clients and customers. Furthermore, we help you to manage multiple listing options, making it easy for you to create unique websites for each different aspect of your business. You can also utilize our service to increase your visibility in the industry. This gives us an edge over other businesses that do not offer this type of service.

We Have Expertise in

GMB Listing Suspension

It's common to have GMB listing suspensions due to policy violations and if you have also faced these issues then our team here to help you out. New comers do policy violations like fake ratings or use fake information and due to this there listing suspended from Google My Business but if you are genuine and still facing this then you can connect with us for the best solution. Our team of GMB experts will understand the whole scenario and after that according to the situation we will plan the next step so that your business listing gets back to GMB and you can enjoy great leads and traffic.

GMB Quality Issues

If you have got noticed from Google my business that is about quality issues and due to this, if your GMB listing has been suspended and you want it back then connect with Rank My Bizz Team Company. Our team of experts will check out your listing and try to get it back to you. Generally, quality issues come when Google is not happy about the information you have entered in your GMB listing. To fix this issue we have to enter proper information about your business or if everything is perfect but still facing this issue then we have to connect with the support team to fix it.

GMB Ownership issues

Nowadays this is one of the biggest problems faced by lots of businesses who have recently started promoting and listing their business on the internet. Many frauds on the internet use other business identities to make profit but if you want to stop and want your GMB ownership rights then you should definitely talk to our team and our team will provide you with best suggestions and help. To prove and fix your GMB ownership issue you need to contact Google my business support team and we have to provide all the genuine and proper information.

GMB Listing Optimization

Listing your business on GMB is not enough, you have to optimize it too. So that it can rank in the top position of the GMB panel for your targeted keywords. If you don’t have proper knowledge but still want higher ranking for your GMB listing then you should connect with our team. We have the experts of GMB to analyse and rank any GMB listing in the top positions. We have been in this business for the last 5+ years and helped 100s of businesses in Google my business listing and optimization. GB listing optimization takes lots of effort and strategies.

GMB Management Service

Do you always want to rank in the top position of GMB? Don’t want to face any kind of issues and regular updates in your GMB listing? Then there's two options, first is do it yourself or hire us. I would suggest a second option because managing a GMB takes lots of effort, time and most importantly proper knowledge. Because a single wrong step can make your GMB listing disappear from the search engine. To avoid this you should hire us and our team will make sure that your business is always ranking very well in the search engine without any issue and headache to you.

Gmb local directory submission

Do you always want to rank in the top position of GMB? Don’t want to face any kind of issues and regular updates in your GMB listing? Then there's two options, first is do it yourself or hire us. I would suggest a second option because managing a GMB takes lots of effort, time and most importantly proper knowledge. Because a single wrong step can make your GMB listing disappear from the search engine. To avoid this you should hire us and our team will make sure that your business is always ranking very well in the search engine without any issue and headache to you.

Benefits of Google My Business Ranking

more potential customers

More Potential Customers

The main benefits of Google My Business listing are that your website appears at top positions on the search engine result pages, which means that you are seen by more potential customers. This is a very good thing, because you want your business to be well known, even if you do not accept credit cards online. People love shopping and comparing prices, and if you accept credit cards you will be increasing the number of people who are doing this online, increasing your potential customers. Google My Business helps to make this process easy for you.


Build Trust & Credibility

Another benefit of Google My Business is that it helps you to build up a good relationship with your customers. When they find that your website is listed on Google, they tend to trust you and give you a higher ranking in their search results, which means that more people will visit your site and hopefully buy from you. The website details such as your address, contact details and email address are all listed on the site, so when people search for products or services similar to what you offer they will automatically find your business listing. Therefore, when you write your sales copy the benefits of Google My Business listing should come through loud and clear.

seo help

Helps in SEO

Google PageRank plays a very vital role in your search engine optimization efforts. As you all know, Google is the number one search engine in the world and plays a major role in the internet users' choice for finding their preferred websites. This makes it very important to get a good page rank for your website. The benefits of Google Page Rank are that when people search for a particular topic or keywords they would most likely use Google's natural search engine result pages (SERPs). This way they can be sure that your website is very relevant to the keywords or niche they used.


Shows Your Business in Google Map

This is an amazing thing that makes Google my business as one of the best marketing tools for any business. When users able to reach to you via map location it's increase overall website and physical store traffic also. Along with this a customer can now trait on your brand that you are a legit company not any kind of food. Listing your business on Google map helps you in multiple ways and to take that advantage you just have to put it in the gmb. If you don't know how to do this simply connect with our agency and we will help you.

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Better you are listing your business in Google My Business.

Result depends on various factors like, competition and how better you are listing your business in google my buisness.

A proper set of knowledge about Google my business listing.

Google My Business Listing Ranking Service in India

Google My Business listing is an excellent way to promote your company in an effortless and inexpensive manner. Because the service automates much of the process and provides customers with a streamlined online experience, you are not forced to spend hours searching for potential customers and clients. Furthermore, the service allows you to save time by creating an automated online marketing campaign that can be tracked and customized for each individual business. The resulting real-time information makes it easy for you to make quick changes and respond quickly to customer inquiries. Google My Google services also give a good rank for your website. This means that it will help your business to get a good position in the search engine list. This will help your website gain more popularity on the Internet and people will find it more easily.

If you are in India and looking for googly my business listing and guaranteed ranking then you should connect with Rank My Bizz agency. WE are one of the best and leading Google my business listing, ranking, and management company and we are serving our services for the last 5+ years in this market. We have a proper team of local SEO experts who are willing to help your business. If you need any kind of help and suggestion then feel free to contact us.

GMB Local Citation Building Service in India

Rank My Bizz a GMB Local Citation Building Service provider has been at the helm of helping customers find quality local companies that offer a variety of building materials and services. Since being established in India, Our Company has grown to become one of the biggest players in the digital marketing industry. Our company is known for providing cost-effective services to our clients. We are well established in the Indian market due to our consistently high level of performance and customer satisfaction.  Our agency offers a wide range of services that can be used for any local business. We use advanced technological advances for designing and building websites. Our company is able to deliver cost-effective, customized structures that meet international standards. Our products and services are not only attractive and elegant but they are effective too.

We have experts that are skilled in all the fields related to building an online presence. The best thing about our company is that we offer a complete solution to our clients. Rank My Bizz is a leading local SEO service provider in India. We have helped almost 100+ clients to set up their GMB account and also we have helped them to achieve top ranking in search results, if you are also looking for something that kind of outstanding results then you can definitely connect with us for further discussion.

Questions That Will Free Your Mind

1Should I take Fake/Paid Reviews?
No, we do not recommend these kind of things because it comes under policy violation and it can create huge problems in future with your listings. Instead of taking paid reviews you can ask your customers to give reviews or feedback about your business.
2What is the cost of listing my business in Google My Business?
Google my business listing is completely free but if you hire any agency to do it for your business then they will charge some amount and I would recommend you to hire an agency because they have a proper set of knowledge about Google my business listing.
3Is GMB really worth investing in?
Of course yes! Right now Google my business is the one of the best tools to capture your local customer. By listing your business in GMB you get multiple benefits like mapping for your business, share contact information, increase sales and traffic on your website etc.
4How much time will it take to show results?
It depends on various factors like, competition and how better you are listing your business in GMB. If you hire our agency then you can expect some fast speed in work because we have listed 100+ businesses in GMB and we have inside skills and knowledge about GMB.
5 What are our charges?
If you want to hire us then before going forward ahead, we would suggest you contact our team and share your requirements. On the basis of your requirement we will share price quote with you.
6Do I need a physical address for Google my business?
If you are running business then having a local office, store or address is compulsory. Even when you list your business in GMB, Google also sends an address verification pin to verify your business location. That means a physical address is compulsory to list your business in GMB.
7How does Google my business work?
GMB is launched by Google to help local business and customers. By listing your business information in Google my business, you list your business in a search engine and whenever someone searches about your business or keyword related to your business niche then Google will show your business recommendation list if your listing is well optimized for that keyword.
8How long do posts stay on Google my business?
Generally its stays around 6 to 7 days whenever you add new images or other stuff around your business in your listing.
9Do you offer new submissions and claims of existing listings?
We offer both the services if you have any doubts, need suggestion, advice or our service simply contact our team and they will guide you how we can help you with new submission and existing listing.
10What information do you submit to directories?
We submit all the information about your business that is asked by GMB. Like contacts details, map location, business description, business niche, targeted keywords, images and such more things that help Google to identify about your business.

Setting Your Location
as a Service Area Business

Getting this step right is crucial if you want to show up in Google’s results page when potential customers are searching for a product or service you offer.

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